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Web Toolset

Web Toolset provides a suite of tools for various tasks such as number generation, email extraction, phone number extraction, and IP geolocation and more.


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Generate lists of numbers within a specified range. Useful for creating numerical datasets.

How to Use: Enter a start and end number, click the "Generate" button, and download the list.

Use Cases: Data generation, numerical analysis.

Extract email addresses from text files. Ideal for collecting and organizing email lists.

How to Use: Upload a text file, click "Extract," and download the extracted email list.

Use Cases: Email marketing, contact management.

Extract phone numbers from text files. Useful for gathering and formatting phone number lists.

How to Use: Upload a text file, click "Extract," and download the extracted phone number list.

Use Cases: Contact databases, communication analysis.

Geolocate IP addresses and discover the geographical location of online entities. Valuable for security, analytics, and network administration.

How to Use: Enter an IP address, click the "Geolocate IP" button, and view the results.

Use Cases: Network security, website analytics, geographic targeting.

Find the IP address of a website.

How to Use: Enter the website URL, click "Find IP," and view the IP address.

Use Cases: Network diagnostics, security analysis.

Convert temperatures from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

How to Use: Enter the temperature in Fahrenheit, click "Convert," and view the temperature in Celsius.

Use Cases: Weather forecasting, scientific calculations.

Convert weight from pounds (lbs) to kilograms (kg).

How to Use: Enter the weight in pounds, click "Convert," and view the weight in kilograms.

Use Cases: Fitness tracking, cooking measurements.

Encode and decode text using Base64. Handy for secure data transmission and storage.

How to Use: Enter text, choose encode or decode, and view the result.

Use Cases: Data encoding, secure data transfer.

Encode or decode URLs to ensure proper formatting and security.

How to Use: Enter a URL, choose encode or decode, and view the result.

Use Cases: URL manipulation, data transmission.

Create QR codes for various purposes. Great for sharing information in a visually scannable format.

How to Use: Enter text or a URL, click "Generate," and download the QR code.

Use Cases: Marketing, information sharing.


Bulk Email Sender/Email Finder

Email Killer Tool is a powerful tool for sending emails in bulk. Email Killer Tool also has an email finding tool that can extract email addresses from websites by scraping URLs. This tool also has a built-in HTML editor.

Get it Here: Email Killer Tool